Episode 062: Mike and Josh make up

February 28th, 2018 · 1 hr 42 mins

About this Episode

Dr. Mike DiTolla and Dr. Josh Austin hash out where Mike's been. Get ready for an entertaining and emotional ride. Buckle in...it's a long one!

Dr. Mike DiTolla left the dental scene about 8 weeks before the Dentsply Sirona World event in September of 2017. His podcast co-host (The Accidental Geniuses) and best friend Josh Austin gave one of the keynotes at DS World and the two had a falling out around the time of the meeting. They get back together and talk about stuff on this emotional and entertaining episode of the Alan Mead Experience.

As an aside...I didn't edit much here. It's long. Probably not safe for work, either. Some politically incorrect stuff, so be warned. It's pretty heartwarming and real. Two great people working stuff out in real time.

Also...be sure to check out Josh's new podcast: Working Interferences.